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Madden NFL 16 eGuide - Prima Games Best Offensive Plays Pro Tips. These are the best two offensive plays in your playbook. They will get your playmakers in position to win you games. Getting Jimmy Graham split out on an island is one of the strengths of the Seahawks’ playbook . The alignment of their shotgun sets can open up huge running lanes. BEST RUN: I-Form H Pro ... Top Slot WR Prospects 2019 NFL Draft | Top Speed WRs in ... Top WRs in the 2019 NFL Draft, WR Marquise Brown, WR Kavontae Turpin, Top Wide Receivers in College Football Slot 2 Online Deals | Buy the latest Slot 2 offers the best Slot 2 products online shopping. Save BIG with our app! Download our Cool FREE App! ... 16.95 (5) +1 Hawkeye Dual ...

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Aug 30, 2016 · Best Madden NFL 17 MUT Safety Items Earl Thomas III Those of you who like to play a Cover 3 or are interested in stopping the run, Earl Thomas III is the man you need to look for.